Instruments and Kit

The Refirm kits are designed for your osteotomy requirements and includes a number of accessories to enable easy and successful placement of implants. Keeping in mind market feedback, we have designed each part with precision to make your surgical experience comfortable starting from the osteotomy procedure to pick up of the implants and its secure placement in the osteotomy site.

Key features

  • Advanced Hex driver design to ensure that the implant and cover screw is held firmly during transfer of the same into the osteotomy site
  • Stoppers to assist you and assessing drills designed for optimal preparation of osteotomy site.
  • Drills designed for optimal preparation of osteotomy site
  • Countersink drills to aid you in cortical bone osteotomy for D1 type bone
  • Direction pins help you to assess the selection of gingival formers at the time of implant placement.
  • Paralleling pins and depth gauges to help you assess accurate implant positioning.
  • Torque wrench with gauge for torque measurements

Implant Analog

Implant Analog
Product Code 11R-LA-XR001

Impression Coping

Impression Coping
Product Code 11R-LC-XR001

Implant Closed Tray Coping screw

Product Code 11R-LC-S001
Name Implant Closed Tray Coping screw Implant Open Tray Coping screw
Product Code 11R-LC-S001 11R-LC-S002

Implant Open Tray Coping Screw

Product Code 11R-LC-S002

Lance Drill

Product Code 11R-TD-XR001-A
Straight Drill

Pilot Drill

Diameter(mm) Ø 2.0
Product Code 11R-TD-XR002-A

Taper Form Drill

Diameter(mm) Ø 2.9 Ø 3.4 Ø 3.9 Ø 4.4 Ø 4.9
Product Code 11R-TD-XR004-A 11R-TD-XR005-A 11R-TD-XR006-A 11R-TD-XR007-A 11R-TD-XR008-A
Taper Drill

Countersink Drill

Diameter(mm) 3.2/2.9 3.7/3.4 4.2/3.9 4.7/4.4 5.3/4.9
Product Code 11R-TD-XR009 11R-TD-XR010 11R-TD-XR011 11R-TD-XR012 11R-TD-XR013


Diameter(mm) Ø 2.5
Product Code 11R-TD-XR003-A


Diameter(mm) 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5
Product Code 11R-TT-XR001 11R-TT-XR002 11R-TT-XR003 11R-TT-XR004 11R-TT-XR005


Implant length (mm) For drill
Ø 2.0 to Ø 3.4
For drill
Ø 3.9 to Ø 4.9
8.5 11R-TS-XR001 11R-TS-XR006
10.0 11R-TS-XR002 11R-TS-XR007
11.5 11R-TS-XR003 11R-TS-XR008
13.0 11R-TS-XR004 11R-TS-XR009
15.0 11R-TS-XR005 11R-TS-XR010

Paralleling Pins

Diameter(mm) 2.0/2.5 2.5/2.9 2.9/2.0
Product Code 11R-TP-XR001 11R-TP-XR002 11R-TP-XR003
Parallel Pins

Handpiece (HP) Implant Driver

Implant Adapter
Product Code 11R-TR-XR003

Surgical Kit – Elite

Product Code 11R-TK-XR001

Surgical Kit – Compact

Product Code 11R-TK-XR002

Handpiece (HP) 1.25 hex driver

Locking Screwdriver
Product Code 11R-TH-XR002

Contra Angle Connector

Contra Angle Connector
Product Code 11R-TR-XR007

Fixture Direction Pin

Fixture Direction Pin
Product Code 11R-TP-XR004

Drill Extender

Product Code 11R-TX-XR001

Implant Ratchet Driver Short

Ratchet Driver Short
Product Code 11R-TR-XR003

Implant Ratchet Driver Long

Ratchet Driver Long
Product Code 11R-TR-XR004

Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench Lever Type
Product Code 11R-TW-XR001

Depth Gauge

Depth Gauge
Product Code Diameter(mm)
11R-TG-XR001 2.0
11R-TG-XR002 2.5

1.25 Hex Ratchet Driver

Product Code Description
11R-TR-XR008 1.25 hex ratchet driver- Short
11R-TR-XR006 1.25 hex ratchet driver -long

Settable Spring Torque Wrench

Product Code 11R-TW-XR002
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