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Refirm® Dental Implant Our highly experienced team, led by dentists and engineers have ensured that we provide an implant system, that guarantees patient and dentist satisfaction.
Using the gold standard in materials for implants, incorporating features and unique design elements, and providing prosthodontic solutions to meet all your patient needs, we make sure that your implant experience is comfortable, easy and simply the best.
Implant system

Designed for Stability

Designed for Robust connections

Conical connection between Implant and abutment ensures self-centering, and better load resolution. The fit between the hexagonal slot of the Implant and Abutment, and the depth of engagement ensures very repeatable orientation and a strong connection.
  • A tight and predictable fit of the abutment endures excellent transfer of masticatory load to the implant and through the implant, to the bone
  • Accurate and repeatable repositioning of impression coping and abutment.
In addition, the proper centering and aligning of the abutment and implant allows the fixation screw to fix both together, with minimal lateral stresses reducing chances of screw failures.

Designed for Ease of placement

  • Sharper apical threads allow easier implant entry in the cancellous bone even with smaller drill sizes , allowing easier placement and hence retaining vital bone around the implant.
  • Smaller drill sizes allow for lesser bone removal , and allowing smaller defects to be filled during the healing and final osseointegration.
  • The Hybrid tapered design allows for easy implant placement with minimal bone removal, allowing for maximum bone support and early stabilization.

Crafted for a comfortable experience

  • The unique packaging design of the implant and cover screw, along with the driver tools renders itself for easy pick and place from the packaging to the osteotomy site.
  • The surgical kit offers a comprehensive choice of tools to make your surgical procedure a smooth experience.
  • A variety of prosthetic options are designed and developed to assist in catering for the diverse patient requirements to provide them with world class prosthetic solutions.
  • Furthermore, with advanced manufacturing being rooted in india our flexible and responsive supply chain will ensure availibility of components on time as needed.

Designed and Tested for Trust

The product has undergone a rigorous design iteration process and has converged to this optimal design with a desirable balance between the requisite features thus offering simultaneously “Ease of entry”, “High stability” with maximum bone in contact, and “Robust and repeatable fit” with prosthetic components.
The product has passed through testing both in house benchmarking tests as well as in external testing facilities in India and Germany.
  • Extensive Animal studies have shown Osseo-integration and a high removal torque
  • Lab studies have shown high load bearing capacities
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) studies have shown optimal distribution of load
All these extensive studies have proven the safety & performance of the implant – abutment system. This enables the clinician to place Refirm Implants comfortably and confidently and maintain trust with the patient.
Designed and Tested for Trust
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