Made from high strength medical grade Titanium alloy, the novel design of Refirm implants went through a long and rigorous design iteration process. This converged into an optimal design with a balance of all desirable features offering the benefits of ease of entry, high primary and secondary stability with maximum bone-implant interface, and predictable fit of abutment and implant. In addition to the well-thought-out design, the micro surface treatments on the machined Titanium alloy implants, are designed for excellent osseointegration. Our innovative packaging design makes the pick up and placement of the implants convenient and simple making your overall surgical experience comfortable and satisfying.

Key features

  • Internal Hex
  • Hybrid Cylindrical Tapered macroform for ease of entry and stability
  • Patented macroform and thread features with optimal angulation and pitch for easier placement and better bone implant interface
  • Microthreads in the collar region for better osseointegration and stability
  • Smooth collar for reduced chance of peri-implantitis
  • Abrasive blasted and etched surface for good Osseo-integration
  • Innovative packaging for ease of use

Implant Dimensions

Dia (mm)
Length (mm) Ø 3.5 Ø 4.0 Ø 4.5 Ø 5.0 Ø 5.5
8.5 11R-IM-XR001 11R-IM-XR006 11R-IM-XR011 11R-IM-XR016 11R-IM-XR021
10 11R-IM-XR002 11R-IM-XR007 11R-IM-XR012 11R-IM-XR017 11R-IM-XR022
11.5 11R-IM-XR003 11R-IM-XR008 11R-IM-XR013 11R-IM-XR018 11R-IM-XR023
13 11R-IM-XR004 11R-IM-XR009 11R-IM-XR014 11R-IM-XR019 11R-IM-XR024
15 11R-IM-XR005 11R-IM-XR010 11R-IM-XR015 11R-IM-XR020
Straight Abutment

Multi-unit Impression Coping

Diameter (mm) Product Code Description
Ø4.5 11R-LC-XR002 Multi-unit Impression Coping – Open Tray
11R-LC-XR004 Multi-unit Impression Coping – Closed Tray
Ø5.5 11R-LC-XR003 Multi-unit Impression Coping – Open Tray
11R-LC-XR005 Multi-unit Impression Coping – Closed Tray

Impression Coping

Product Code Description
11R-LC-XR001 Impression Coping-Open tray-short
11R-LC-XR006 Impression Coping-Open tray-long
111R-LC-XR007 Impression Coping-Closed tray-short
11R-LC-XR008 Impression Coping-Closed tray long
Straight Abutment

Multi-unit Analog

Straight Abutment
Collar Diameter (mm) Ø4.5 Ø5.5
Product Code 11R-LA-XR002 11R-LA-XR003

Implant Analog

Implant Analog
Product Code 11R-LA-XR001

Angular Abutment

Angle (degree) 15 25
Collar Height (mm 3 3
Collar Diameter (mm) 4.5 4.5
Product Code 11R-AA-XR001 11R-AA-XR002
Angular Abutment
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